slice of fun

If you are reading this, then you know I SURVIVED a Chuck E Cheese birthday party, but only barely!  
Really, it was touch and go.
I am completely exaggerating! This party was as easy and low maintenance as a party can be.  Show up, run around,  chill with the other moms (the kids are locked in), eat pizza and no clean up. The perfect party!

Not to mention the Chuck E Cheese was insanely clean and virtually empty!

I was so in love with her birthday cake. It took amazing control not to gobble down two, maybe three (gluten packed) slices. I did peel off some of the marshmallow fondant.

jen said...

That cake is BEAUTIFUL!
I am right there with you regarding Chuck E Cheese, but my kids LOVE it there too. Looks like they had a great time.

Steph said...

Love the cake! I always loved those "easy" parties!
So sorry to hear about your health issues! You are the third person I know to have been diagnosed in the last year!

Charles and Angela McCall said...

Awesome pictures....wonderful memories captured! Her cake was precious...and she is such a cutie!!

:) Angela

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