baby watch

We are officially in baby watch... 
Baby girl Smoak, my sister's fourth child, is planned to make her grand entrance within the next two weeks.  I am so excited. Her nursery is ready, her bag is packed, Crys still looks great (darn her!) and she is having 'practice' contractions ~ woohoo.  

I am so excited, my girls are excited... two weeks from now, this basket will be filled with a baby girl.

I'm also excited for another reason. 
My brother in law let me in on the secret
Baby girl's full name. 

He wanted an honest opinion... and knew where to come. Their baby name this time is very unique.  It's not trendy or made up. it's sweet.  it's southern. I  LOVE it.  Out of the hundreds of children I have photographed, I have never met a little girl with the name baby girl Smoak will be called.

 The secret is safe with me. 
But, here's a hint.... 

This is her monogram.

I can't wait to meet the little face that goes with the sweet name. From the looks of her going home outfit, they are planning on a head full of hair.

Tara said...

I can't wait to hear the name! How big is Chrystal expecting the baby to be...that tag says 18mths?? I love a unique name...I'm also curious how many Ruth Ann's you've met.

DawnW said...

Ella Mae?

Melinda said...

I can't quit guessing on the name is tuck in my head!! And as a previous poster asked....have you ever photographed a Stella Liana?

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