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 This Monday... I am thankful for 'crafty blogs.'
Blogs like  this and this and  this 
And of course, Pintrest. 

This weekend I was in the crafty mood. The mood doesn't hit often, so when it does I go with it... I have Christmas on my mind.  November 14 and I am decorating for Christmas. Let me rephrase...  everything is out of the attic, waiting in tubs, ready, and my wheels are turning. I am a last minute decorator, so for me. this is major. 

I need a little inspiration. Eighteen years ago, I began collecting seasonal frames. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine and Easter. At first I limited myself to one frame per year. That lasted one year. Now my collection is over running and looking too busy for my liking. Over the weekend, I scoured the Internet for ideas. Here are some of the ideas I am pondering.

Maybe I'll dedicate an entire tree
 Or line the walls and windows
I'm thinking maybe a garland
After work, I'm heading to the craft store 
all pictures courtesy of Pintrest

Marlowe said...

Such cute ideas. What i need for christmas is more time in my day to do things like this :)

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