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I feel I need to mention, my Thankful Heart Project is not in order of importance... Because before I write about my children, I am writing about my three furry friends.  I should have started my project with how thankful I am for the pictures that make it onto my laptop. Because, often those get blogged about first.

So today, I am thankful for my pets. 
We have three. The apple of the family's eye is the one and only, Charlie. His breed has a reputation for being snippy, but I am thankful Charlie is sweet, loving and insanely protective. This little dog loves unconditionally, especially Jeff and Bennett.
 In my kid's lifetime, we have owned only two dogs. Cowboy & Charlie.  I couldn't even begin to list our cats. We have owned a ga-zillion outdoor cats.  Sometimes it seemed we owned a ga-zillion at one time.  We are down to two and they are my soft spot. (Yep, I'm a cat person)  I'm thankful for  our two cats
 Mary Claire and I are the residing 'cat people.' I am thankful Jilly has finally warmed up and wrapped her 28 furry toes around our heart. Her feral tendencies and perpetual nervousness, only allow two people to pick her up... the cat people.

Kittyboy... I am thankful he loves likes everyone,  kills his weight in field mice everyday and amuses us with his cat  'swagger.' He's a pretty cool dude!

I AM THANKFUL for our vets and the animal rescuers who save abandoned and abused animals.
wynn said...

Of course I love to see these pictures, but I LOVE these cats!! Jilly is just beautiful!! So glad she is letting you and MC love her! Kittyboy is amazing that he went from being the MOST feral in the litter, to being the sweetest and most tolerant. Thank you, Heidi (and MC), for giving them a wonderful home!

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