Happy Sweet 13

 Here I am once again... getting sentimental. 

Thirteen years ago coupled with a few hours of labor ---you were welcomed into this world! A few weeks early, but safe and sound. I was overcome with joy... my precious little girl. Your daddy and I, once again,  were amazed that God could have given us such a beautiful, perfect little gift?
 You were such a spunky child. Some even called you wild. With more energy than you brother and sister put together.  You have given us more childhood danger tales than we can count. I dressed you super girlie, but you were a get dirty, barefoot fun little girl.  "Anna Katherine" stories are still so fresh in my mind. 

 The closer you get to becoming an adult, I am reminded how ‘alike’ our personalities are. We're both incredibly strong-willed and fiery in our opinions. There are days I know we drive each other nuts.  I know I pluck your nerves just like you pluck mine. But, I am so proud of you. I love the person you have become. The world is a better place with you in it.
 It's fitting your birthday should fall during my thankful project. Because I am so thankful for you! 

I will admit, writing about my little girl turning thirteen, has been way more difficult than writing about my baby turning eight.  {Happy birthday} Today, I am going to soak up my tears and romanticize the past 13 years.
bevy said...

Happy happy birthday to your teenager! I have a few more months... Sniff

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