happy to say...

Yesterday, I was  one of those people grumbling because roses have thorns
I am happy to say, "My house is clean." My cleaning lady either sensed my foul mood or knew something was up when she saw me taking pictures of Eeyore holding the Windex... either/or... she stayed 5 hours, my house was spotless and I was happy. 
PLUS ~ my family pitched in, we watched a movie and tamed the laundry pile. The words caught up on laundry are never spoken in this house.
 AND ~ I finished editing, posting and ordering about a million pictures. (insert happy dance) I'm caught up until this afternoon! They are not all uploaded to  my work blog .... that's next.

ALSO ~ My son has a new dress code. One that will be enforced for school, church, doctor offices and any other place where he can be seen by humans. There's a time and place for Carharts, work boots and Camouflage. Bennett, Don't make me call the school and report a dress code violation... on my own son... because you know I will. <3 mom
A big-big thank you to my sister, my mother and my husband for lending me an ear to complain in.  This Eeyoe was in rare form, I promise it is all out of my system!
It's going to be a beautiful weekend, Thanksgiving vacation is days away. 

I am thankful for:
  • Regis...Today was his last day on Live with Regis & Kelly. I needed a tissue. How silly is that!
  • comfortable stadium chairs, gloves, thermos, football, good sportsmanship, Christian coaches and quilts.  Our school has made the State Playoffs... tomorrow night. Can't wait!
  • horses, gluten free kettle corn, petting zoos, antibacterial hand wipes, warm boots, friends, tailgate tents, sunglasses. The  Colonial Cup is in town! Small town fun!
  • sleeping bags, nail polish, popcorn with M&M's and sweet spend the night friends
  • a Thanksgiving celebration with half of my family
  • in between all of that... a busy picture taking weekend

Today, I will be grateful for thorns having roses.

The 1st of May said...

Is ANYBODY ever caught up on laundry?! :) So glad your day turned out better!!!

We have a similar "dress code" with a certain 5 year old that wants to always be in "uniform"...the sports kind! I'm smiling to hear that some things won't change! :)

bevy said...

Much better day for you! Today, my rose bushes are ALL thorns! Ugh! Here's to a better tomorrow!

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