I 'heart' you

How could I end my thankful heart project and not mention my camera? my BFF. my life line. my eyes to the world. my everything (OK that's a little extreme)
I am thankful for my camera.

They are my constant companions whether at work or play.
They help me tell the story of life around here. 

When photographing my own children, I have relaxed. Years ago my pictures told a story of 'perfect shiny clean kids.'  We took pictures when we were all at our best. Well... as you may have noticed... It's so much more fun to capture it all. Our family photo album is now more authentic. more real. I am grateful that I have chilled.
I'm grateful for the ability to capture images of this beautiful world we live in. 

 I was thinking about this the other day. My sister and I probably each have under 200 photos of us as children. My children will have HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS. In that sense, I wonder if each photo holds as much value as the photos from when we were kids. But still. It's neat to be a part of a generation that has had digital photography from the very beginning.
I often remind myself to not spend too much time behind the camera and forget to enjoy the moment.  

DawnW said...

You know I've said this many times before Heidi, but your photography is amazing! You truly have a gift and I LOVE looking at your work. Whether it's the product of a photo session with my boys or the candids you publish on your blog, they're all stunning!

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