Today I am thankful for the luxuries in my life. After waking up with a splitting sinus headache... taking  a long hot shower, some medicine and crawling back into my oh-so-cozy bed, beside my oh-so-sweet husband... One hour later I was so greatful all was well. 

So today, I am  thankful for the  things in my life  that might be considered a luxury to millions of others.
Luxuries like;
  • my home 
  • a roof that does not leak
  • medicine
  • walls that keep the cold out and the heat in
  • running water
  • clean water
  • winter coats and heaters
  • hot showers
  • locks on the doors
  • indoor plumbing
  • beds layered with blankets
  • refrigerators filled with food
  • electric appliances
  • computers and telephones
 Luxuries that can be easily taken for granted.

clare said...

Loved this post.

bevy said...

Wonderful list... Yes, we all take so much for granted!

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