my peeps

Today I am thankful for my peeps! Three of my most amazing gifts from God. 
{My Children}
 We desired four and were blessed with three. Their babyhood and their childhood are blessings beyond my wildest dreams.  
 There is not a day that passes, that I am not reminded how blessed I am. My husband and I comment on this daily, even on the days when I think the level of chaos is unimaginable.

 I am thankful that:
  •   They are my constant companions – My home is rarely quiet, thankfully never lonely and always a place I love to return to. Whether I need to run to the store or just have someone to sit next to on the couch. These guys are my buddies!
  • They are entertainment – A constant stream of entertainment. From the the things they say and to the things they do. an observant parent equals an entertained parent.
  •  mirror, mirror on the wall – I read this in one of my parenting books long ago....  "Look carefully and you will learn more about yourself than any mirror can reveal." That can be a frightening thought!

  • My teachers –  As much as we can teach our kids, there is so much more we  learn from them... if we pay attention.
  • They Are My Conscience – Boy are they ever! My little angels, just sitting on my shoulder... waiting for me to mess up whispering in my ear, reminding me to practice what I preach... 

  • They Are Our Legacy – Our marriage conference devoted an entire session to leaving a Godly legacy. (I think they wanted to make the entire room cry in unison.)  It is every parent's dream to leave their Godly mark on the world. We were reminded we do this through our children.
  • They Are LoveThere is no better, no stronger, no more amazing love than the love of a parent for their child.  
This Thanksgiving (and every minute of my everyday)  I am thankful for my three kids; Bennett, Anna Katherine and Mary Claire.  

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