Prozac kind of day

It's one of those days where I am feeling  crazy overwhelmed?  I need more hours in my day day? I need to calm down.  If only had some Prozac! Maybe I'll just stroll down to Rembert the hood and find a dealer who specializes in calming drugs.  I'm kidding of course. I pride myself in being almost 40 years old and able to honestly tell my kids, I have always 'Just Said No.' I like to deal with my stress the old fashion way... being a total Eeyore!

 It started off with a messy house and a cleaning lady I dearly-dearly love. Lately, I have felt my lady is scrambling through my house. Leaving in two to three hours. I adore her. The thought of not having her breaks my heart. But what to do? To me, we pay her a lot, virtually a car payment... but I have to re-clean my house an hour later. 

Then an 8am trip to the doctor with Bennett left my blood pressure soaring. We love the doctor. You could eat his sweet self with a spoon. But the attitudes of his office staff are almost unbearable. They seem to take pleasure in being rude. I am nice (really I am ;))... is it that awful to paste on a smile and act pleasant for the two minutes you have to schedule us another appointment? Obviously it was.  I snapped,  politely brought the rudeness to their attention. Then they were polite. If I were ever that rude to a customer, I would appreciate it being brought to my attention.


Bennett met me at the doctor's office dressed like he had just stepped out of a deer stand. We have got to have a talk. 

My desk is piled high with work.

My laundry room piled higher with dirty laundry.

I ate a couple Oreos this morning. So my stomach is screaming. I knew better. I'll be kicking myself for two days.

I keep reminding myself... to stop complaining. 
I live a charmed life ~ compared to third world countries that is. ;) 

Please let my house be clean.

I know! I'm being such an Eeyore! Hopefully I'll be back later with a grateful spin on my day. Then again, maybe not. For now, I need to stop wasting precious time taking pictures of a stuffed animal and get busy!

 and call upon me in the day of trouble;    I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.”   Psalm 50:15
DawnW said...

Oh Heidi, we all have to have our Eeyore days to stay sane! I'm sorry that you're having a rough day, but it will get better and in the meantime, feel free to let it all out because that is calming in itself!! XO

jen said...

Even in your prozac moments you managed to put a smile on my face. . .you are too funny! I feel crazed myself these days. Glad I am not the only one who can't stand rudeness. I had an issue with a woman at our local dump, but I bit my tongue. Now I wish I spoke up. Ha!
Hope tomorrow is better!

Marlowe said...

I'm not laughing at you ... but with you. I love that he showed up looking like he fell out of a tree stand :)

And I once had a cleaning lady that i let go for the very same reasons. Three years into cleaning it myself, I'm ready to beg her to come back.

Or at least hire a new one ... which I'm looking for right now.

Ah ... this too shall pass, and we'll all be sleeping off tryptophan come this time next week :)

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