small pox

The 'oh so feared stomach bug' has made an appearance in the Graves house... on the first day of Christmas vacation. If you know me, you know the mere mention of the 'stomach bug' sends me running for the hills. It hit my sister (9mths pregnant), her children, her in-laws, her children's classroom and a neighbor last week.  I knew ~ it had to be headed our way.  It seems to be a vicious strand. This morning at 3am, the beast attacked Mary Claire. She was literally roaring in pain, throwing up... all the frills that come with a powerful bug.
7 am and our family shifts into emergency mode. Like snow in the south, gotta get the bread, the milk, fill up with gas, nail down the windows... not to mention the Gatorade, Lysol.... all that crazy stuff.  We are going to be out of commission soon.  I have called the doctor for enough phenergan to sink a ship (or at least sedated everyone on board) Jeff is at the pharmacy as I type. 
Mary Claire, age 4
Talk about a drama queen ... 
This morning, I am all about the drama
You would think Small Pox had hit.

Erin said...

I am a mad woman when it comes to THE bug, too. Lysol in every room...spraying the light switch and door knobs religiously. Currently, we have 1. In a family of 6, I'm not holding my breath.

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