small towns

Today I am thankful for small town living.
I am especially thankful for my small southern town.
I am thankful I have been given the opportunity to raise my children here. 
Thankful for the memories they will leave with.  
(or hopefully stay with)
 If I could live anywhere... in the entire world...
I would choose to live right here!
 I am thankful for our town's rich history.
This weekend we enjoyed Revolutionary War Days .
(a five mile drive from our house)

 We couldn't resist a cute pair of these guys!

DawnW said...

Those Revolutionary War days are fun! We went to one up here in Charlotte a couple months ago.
However, I LOVE that sweater you have on in that picture of you and your husband---where did you get it?

Jo said...

Love small towns and the homey feeling to them. Great photos capturing your sweet area in the great big world.


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