bad mother

Rainy days and Monday's always get me down...  
Well not really, I love rain. 

Unless that is... it's Wednesday and you have traumatized your 8 year more than ever expected.
The Elf on the Shelf idea....  Baaaad idea. Bad
When Mary Claire discovered the note, she failed to read the part that said “he would return if she believed.” She was heartbroken. cried and cried.   Put her head on the kitchen counter and BooHooed. I was stunned. She is a drama queen, but I was not expecting this. I thought she would smile, maybe pout a little and then wait for him to fly back. 

My big kids shook their heads, "Great job MOM. Hope you're happy. Let’s all say it together; Baaaad Mother.” Seems all the sense of humor genes were passed straight to them. They were snickering under their breath. All the while inching their way closer to the top of Santa's naughty list. 

I assured her, 
“Don’t worry Mary Claire, he will come back. Don't cry.  How about a trip to the bakery. Want a cookie? Some cake? Twenty dollars.  You know that pony you’ve been wanting...’ (just kidding about the pony) All evening she kept calling Bennett, Daddy.... anyone who might still be home from church, checking to see if Buddy had returned. Obviously my Mary Claire really believes. And obviously I am lacking a few mothering brain cells. 

The elf flew back home after church.  And after a trip to our local bakery.

"Mary Claire, you can have anything you want. Do you want an entire birthday cake all to yourself. Just say the word." She chose a cookie.

Serves me right, being such a mean mother.
Being in a bakery that smelled like heaven, looking, drooling at all the sweets that are forever off limits. 
If I believed in Karma, I would say it bites. 

A neat picture. The Camden Swim team from years ago.
Poor gal. Cookies and milk in hand, an hour later and her eyes were still red.  Notice the picture in her hand... it's the elf.  I'm going to hell in a handbag.

 Seeing her cousins and buddies at church perked her up. Until they mentioned, "We heard your elf few back to the North Pole." {insert sobs and alligator tears} Blame my blog, Facebook and this awful mother. 

{I'm sorry. I'm sorry.}
Maybe I'll finally buy that pony.
{No. not happening, just kidding. I'm working on curbing the sarcasm}

The Daniels said...

All I can say is OH MY YOU POOR THING!! But I am sure you will more than make it up to her!! I Love Your Blog!!!

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