Buddy says goodbye

Buddy the elf is the highlight of the 6am hour. 

This morning my wild headed, drama queen eight year old awoke in 'full blown brat mode.' Happens occasionaly. Her main complaint before 6am... 

 "We are moving the elf." She knows it. She reminded us lying is a sin. Asked us to pinky promise, cross our hearts and hope to die. All that whoohaaa before an ounce of caffeine entered my body.

So this is what my precious angel will find when she gets home from school today.

I knew better than allow Buddy to leave before school. That would be cruel and unusual. Plus, Mrs. Lee would not appreciate a bundle of tears sitting in her 2nd grade classroom. Bennett suggested the blender; (naughty list - name #1) Hopefully Buddy will return after church tonight. Kids are so much more fun when you can mess with them.
jen said...

I am dying laughing!!!! You are too funny!
My kids just adore our elf "elfie" and can't wait to find him each morning as well. Thanks to you and pinterest this year I have spiced things up with elfie being naughty sometimes and the kids love it!
I just love buddy with the candle and marshmellows. Hope you don't mind if I steal this idea!

Marlowe said...

Oh, that's great! I need one of those elves!

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