Christmas Caroling

Wednesday night our GA groups, grades first through 5, visited Pinedale nursing home. It was such a blessing. My husband came along to help the girls sing Christmas carols. It was precious! The girls sang, gave out treats and lots and lots of hugs. 

I had to smile at the sweet lady in purple.
 Maybe my husband was off key?
The nurse promised her hearing aides were just extra powerful.
The girls especially enjoyed the gift of 'giving'

A few sweet girls even brought goodie bags from home.
Such a precious group of little girls.

Jo said...

Love this gift of giving! Those hats are so darn cute, as well as those sweet girls :)


Erin said...

Precious. What a great group of girls! And that lady in purple...too funny.

Keri Boyce said...

Hi Heidi! The lady in the purple is my grandmother, and she thoroughly enjoyed the visit! I got to hear all about it over lunch today. :) The nurse was right about the hearing aids. Sometimes when too much is going on around her they squeak. Can I order a few copies of these pictures? They're absolutely wonderful! Thanks and I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!!

Keri Boyce

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