christmas randoms

Isn't Elf on the Shelf fun!
Check out this neat site full of Elf ideas!

My blog friend / real life friend had a GREAT Christmas calendar idea. I find when I schedule activities too far in advance, it overwhelms me and stresses me out. I loved that Sally schedules daily  activities ~ only a day or two ahead. Check  her site out, it's great!   Thanks to Sally, last  night we put together a Christmas puzzle and watched a movie.... last minute and stress free!
If you're in the mood for a Christmas candle that is so strong it will knock your socks off.  Check out these from Walmart. For $5, every inch of your entire house, clothing, pets and the neighbor's yard will smell like Christmas. 

Marlowe said...

The walmart candle made me laugh — that's the first thing I thought when I lit my pumpkin pie spice one. "Who needs to make a pie! This thing will knock your socks off!"

Your cat pictures in the next post make me miss ours. He didn't survive the wilds one night in summer. The kids are itching for another but I'm still not over him.

Maybe by spring.

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