here comes Santa Claus

PaPa Gene was sweet enough to take time out of his busy schedule to play Santa Claus at the annual Cookies with Santa. A yearly tradition at our Country Club. Great memories were made... some we will never - ever forget. Santa's suit malfunctions left us close to tears. No beard, no hair, no belt... what's a Santa to do? We found the hair... and turned it into a bead. 

Here comes Santa Claus,  bells are ringing... children singing. Well, not completely.
This Santa had no idea what he was walking into.
 It wasn't all going to be Merry and Bright on Santa Claus Lane

Santa had no idea God's children would be running and hiding and screaming at the site of him.
Santa was not prepared for tiny hearts completely empty of love for Santa. 
Nor was he prepared for strong, powerful screamers.
 Santa was shocked that sweet little girls would acknowledge him with their middle finger.
Definitely not a beautiful sight. 
(This image will go into a file of all time favorites)
{bad Santa face}
 His own grandchildren were filled with Christmas cheer that their PaPa Gene was the man of the hour.
They had been sworn to secrecy. Theretened if they mentioned the secret to any other children, daddy's would arrive by sleigh and promptly fly them back to the South Pole. 
 They never spilled the beans.

 Roger~ not a fan. He wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with him... at first.

Then he figured it out;
 pointing and saying PaPa Gene...
 This little puppy warmed up quickly.

Thank you, thank you for making memories that will last a lifetime. 
~ HoHoHo Merry Christmas ~

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