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For the new year, I got smart. Instead of making a long list of resolutions, I made a (long) to do list. I do love a list! Something about crossing things off ... it’s therapeutic! But before I  dive into 2012 , I wanted to share a little more from our Christmas. 

Brand new baby Evie was the highlight of the season. My sister arrived home from the hospital a few days before Christmas. My mom stayed the entire weekend, helping my sister, cooking for me... what a JOY! Move over Buddy, Honey is the new elf in town. I ate like a gluten free queen, thank you Honey.

Sarah Anne was happy to see her elf, Soapie, visited baby Evie in the hospital. Baby Evie ~  obviously not a fan!
We spent a lot of time at the Smoak house
Did I mention my mom was a cooking fool that weekend?
The line to hold baby Evie was Disney World long... 
But worth the wait!
Jeff and I had agreed, Roger is one of the cutest kids ever!

And he loves everything Bennett  adored at his age.
There's something about a little boy and Christmas time.
After pouring through my pictures, I realized this was the only image I have of my mom and my sister. 

A little bird  told us a certain 13 year old was snooping for her Christmas gifts.

Buddy left several reminders of the true meaning of Christmas.
Christmas Eve, after church, the excitement level was electric. It's the one night of the year, all three kiddos are itching to go to sleep all while climbing the walls.  Right before bed, right before Santa starts the Santa stuff, the kids open their gifts to each other.

This year the two big kids bought gifts using their own money. Bennett has a job, Anna Katherine babysits...  so the gifts were a little extra special.

Christmas morning, we have a 6am rule. (this rule was created especially for Anna Katherine)  So what time did she wake us up? 6am on the dot!

And just like that, the grand finale... 
It's all over.

I did manage to catch a picture of Santa Claus in the act.  
Mary Claire studied that picture off and on all day. 

Christmas afternoon since forever, it's off to Jeff's hometown. Good food, great company, a Christmas favorite! (My kids love spending time with their cousins.)
I continue to be surprised at my new found love for my iPhone camera. 

It's still hard for me to believe Christmas has come... and gone. 
Christmas lights in our hometown

Marlowe said...

That baby is so beautiful. I gotta go get one of my own just so I can take pictures :)

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