Oh Christmas Tree

Buddy is here to stay, no more surprise exits planned. 
He is making Christmas memories everyday.

Can you believe we are just now putting the finishing touches on our trees! We have two trees. A family eclectic tree and a children’s tree.

Neither tree is a  Southern Living showpiece, but something even more noteworthy: a piece of our family history and treasure memories.

We just chopped down the children’s tree two days ago.  This is a tradition started by my husband who loves the smell of a cedar tree. The tree itself is never the prettiest, we usually wire the branches together, making sure it at least has a Christmas tree shape. And when we are finished... it’s my children's showpiece. Loaded with sliver tinsel, big bulb colored lights, popcorn garland, paper chains... you name it... anything goes.  (pictures of this year's tree... coming soon... it is still waiting patiently in the truck)
Our family Christmas tree is my favorite. It doesn't have a color scheme or meticulously placed ornaments. Rather an eclectic mix of ornaments we have collected over the years.  The night we decorate our family tree, we take a welcome walk down memory lane. This year I cried... 

My kids love picking out new ornaments every year. Each one tells a story about that year. Here's Bennett's 2011 ornament, representing his duck hunting infatuation.

We have 'antique' ornaments from our childhood. I treat those with extra care.

Ornaments that show things we love or made by friends or in Sunday school teachers.
These hold special meaning about special people.

Ornaments that mark life changing  events.
Ornaments that show off  creativity
and our wild sense beauty
And, this is one of my most treasured ornaments.
Jeff and I purchased three of these on our honeymoon.
Christmas memories are in every room. Most wonderful, but some remind us of sad times. My mother painted these beautiful treasures the Christmas after my dad left.  It was one of our first Christmas as a family of three.

Oh and I never posted the answer to my overflowing Christmas frame collection. Really because my  grand plans didn't work too well with my limited free time.  My goal was to scan the old pictures, mount them,  mat them, tie them and display them on a garland up the staircase... The picture scanning  became so time consuming, that when  I found these red frames at  The Dollar Tree, I made a plan B. I  printed old black and white pictures of my family and wired them to the garland.

inSide note: My sister has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. We may get to meet baby "E" earlier than expected. 

Auralee said...

Love your tree and the ornaments!! So sweet and such special memories, I'm sure. And also love your frame idea.

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