I am beginning to think the week after Christmas is my favorite week of the year.
No matter how hard I try, no matter how hard I plan...
the week before Christmas is always insane... 
Insanely busy!
So this is the week... the one week of the year, the entire family is off; no work, school, activities, no Wednesday night church ... 
a blank schedule.
We purposely stay up late, sleep even later, welcome rainy days, stay in our pajamas all day, cook, watch movies, veg out 
and secretly wish I owned a pair of pajama jeans ;)

We are continuing a quiet Christmas celebration until the New Year. 
Our plan was to keep our trees and decorations up until January first.

Our playroom tree had another idea.
Christmas night, my husband dozed off in the playroom. 
Around 2am he awoke with the 9ft cedar tree laying next to him.
His version of the story is pant wetting hilarious.
It took a minute for him to register where he was.
90% of the ornaments exploded and 90% of the tinsel held tight.
Luckily it missed his precious train. 
The story would have a tragic spin if his Martin Guitar train car was harmed.
 The next morning he was quick getting the mess up 
and tree out.
So quick, he did what many men might do?
Grab a power tool, 
shave off the limbs (on the rug in the playroom)
and pitch it from the window.
I can tell you who is not cleaning up the mess...
I'm too busy being lazy.
The 1st of May said...

LOL! You couldn't make this stuff up!

Marlowe said...

Ha! We came down for Christmas morning one year and the tree had come crashing down in the night. We had to tell the kids that Santa must have been hitting the egg nog a little hard that night :)

You make me miss the south ... in Georgia, my sister throws her tree in the back yard and lights it on fire :)

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