Mary Claire really wanted her birthday party here, at Sweet and Sassy. We read that it had closed. We didn't realize, it had reopened under a new name... Sparkles. With Christmas money burning a hole in her pocket, she choose the glam fashion package! 
The ladies were so sweet... 

A little glitter.... a lot of sparkle!
Where else can enter looking like a sweet second grader 
and leave looking... 
a little like Pocahontas 
a little like Cleopatra
a little like Lady GaGa
a little like Whoopie Goldberg
Blue glitter nails ~ HOLLA!
A couple hours later... 
The wind... the feathers... they were driving her nuts.

And she realized the blonde hair extension was drawing a lot of attention. 
Attention is daddy's middle name.
He looked simply scrumptious!
A little odd... a perfect match for Anna Katherine!
Mary Claire was a head turner at church Sunday morning.
Her corn rows lasted three days.
Thank you MaMa Ruth and PaPa!
Ms. Amy thinks you are GHETTO FABULOUS!

Jo said...

Ooooo la la what a sparlkly beauty! What a few way to celebrate a birthday. Love the families ... support :)


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