Monday, January 2, 2012


Mary Claire really wanted her birthday party here, at Sweet and Sassy. We read that it had closed. We didn't realize, it had reopened under a new name... Sparkles. With Christmas money burning a hole in her pocket, she choose the glam fashion package! 
The ladies were so sweet... 

A little glitter.... a lot of sparkle!
Where else can enter looking like a sweet second grader 
and leave looking... 
a little like Pocahontas 
a little like Cleopatra
a little like Lady GaGa
a little like Whoopie Goldberg
Blue glitter nails ~ HOLLA!
A couple hours later... 
The wind... the feathers... they were driving her nuts.

And she realized the blonde hair extension was drawing a lot of attention. 
Attention is daddy's middle name.
He looked simply scrumptious!
A little odd... a perfect match for Anna Katherine!
Mary Claire was a head turner at church Sunday morning.
Her corn rows lasted three days.
Thank you MaMa Ruth and PaPa!
Ms. Amy thinks you are GHETTO FABULOUS!

1 comment:

Jo said...

Ooooo la la what a sparlkly beauty! What a few way to celebrate a birthday. Love the families ... support :)


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