this turning 40

It's been strange, this turning 40. Knowing it was coming has quickly become a source of anxiety. Crazy, I know!  While I realize, logically, that it is just another day, I have surprised myself by getting caught up in the symbolism of what 40 means. Lately, I have found myself reflective, anxious, excited, depressed, optimistic, and grateful all at the same time.  Aging is suddenly of real interest to me. I can see wrinkles around my eyes and the grey hair... well, I've been dealing with grey for a decade. I’ve become a master at covering it up. But, the grey, it's coming faster. It's all  truly unnerving!  But, I’m happy, healthy and know I am amazingly blessed. If only I could buy into the idea, wrinkles are the markers of experience and wisdom. 
One neat tidbit... my husband and I are almost 10 years apart. For the next little while, we will share the 40's together. 

So about my birth, DAY; it was fabulous! Talk about feeling special! So many sweet and special people went above and beyond to make my big 4-0 feel extra special!  A few highlights... warning: Lately, my personal picture taking has been on the weak side. Also, you may want to grab a bite  after all the food pictures or roll your eyes at the gluten free talk.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed a family get together with some of my favorite people. My mom is always extra thoughtful when it comes to my aging, fragile diet. My birthday cake was gluten free coconut snowballs. My goodness, my gracious! She made enough  to freeze the leftovers... yeah, well... They were amazing and a dozen were devoured over three days! My traditional birthday meal (also prepared by my mother) was Shrimp and Grits. My sister added a spinach salad that was to die for.  Note to self; call her today for the dressing recipe.

 40 brought lots and lots of cakes. On my 40 things by 40 list, I was planning to include; It is a hundred times harder to burn calories than to consume them.  I don't even want to know my caloric intake over the past few days.  Jeff brought home not one, but two GF ice cream cakes. Real fattening, spare no calories, dump on the pecans and carmel ice cream! My oh my! Only half way gone and we all agree... these guys must leave our house at once... 
My sweet friend Amy, who has to be one of the most thoughtful people I know, sent this beautiful cake... made of flowers.  It's beautiful and sitting on my desk making me happy.
I spent my b'day morning with another group of favorite people, my Bible study group. I walked in (late of course) to lots of happy birthdays, even the happy birthday song. Then, I joined Jeff for the best Thai food in South Carolina.  Hands down, this is my favorite gluten free dish.  
I spent the rest of my afternoon with my sweet kids. They wished me happy birthday a few dozen times, with lots of hugs and a stack of homemade cards, which I LOVE! 

My evening... well, it was spent with another group of my favorite people... My GA girls. They welcomed me with this sign.  They  insisted I wear it around my neck. Imagine me, wearing this big sign around my neck. It brought giggles from fellow adults.

Stephen and Crystal surprised the GA girls with a birthday cake and balloons. Stephen delivered the goods, my sister was home with a sudden case of the stomach bug!

My BIG gift? Well, it's not here yet, but I feel sure it's on the way ;) Because I have dropped some major hints like... I sure would like a new boat and  We really need a new boat. So when it pulls into my driveway, I'll let you know. It may be 20+ years, but a girl can dream! In the meantime, I can't wait to figure out my new Kindle Fire.  I wanted to share a few more sweet, sentimental birthday gifts.

 I love my new cutting board from the Smoak family. 

A book I've been itching to read. 
Thanks mom!

An old Brownie camera from Papa Gene. I LOVE it! 
My small collection of vintage cameras is growing!

And these for my kitchen.
They should arrive today. 

A big thank you to everyone for the sweet wishes! I'm finishing my list of 40 things. I'm stumped on the last 5. Maybe I'll post 35 at 40 ;)

jen said...

Happy Birthday! Let me tell you I can relate to everything your are feeling! Ha!
You look fantastic and how wonderful to be surrounded by so much love!
I would love to know that shrimp and grits recipe. It looks so good!

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