game night

Last Friday, we hosted the youth game night. 
We played, prayed, gorged ourselves on a nacho and ice cream bar, discovered our inner silly in a photo-booth.... 
then we loaded the church bus and headed to the local hotspot!

I scoured the internet for fun ideas and came across this site, full of ideas for a mall scavenger hunt. But with the closet mall being 30 miles away, I tweaked it into a scavenger hunt we could do at Walmart. I added christian touches and worked it into a 'photo'  hunt. (I tried to attach the PDF with no success, if you would like a copy, email me) 

Each group had a camera, a list, a watch and chaperones. 
Even though it may 'look' like the kids are running wild, they were very well behaved and very supervised. 
(and the merchandise was put back ~ undamaged)

A 3 minute summary of our adventure. 

A small town Wal-mart is a happening place on a Friday night. 
We saw a ton of church friends!
Mrs. Celeste was almost mowed over by excited girls!

We saw our new Children's director.
Check out the video... you'll never believe what Miss Brooke was shopping for on a Friday night.
 More pictures to come... 
the photo-booth was hysterical!

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