God of all Creation

Google Earth is just 'the coolest thing 'ever! 
Especially when you can soar over creations like the Grand Canyon and the Great Wall of China on a gigantic panoramic screen. We were here, looking in amazement for more than our fair turn. It was just amazing! The wonders, the detail, the grandness of God's creation. 

And, of course we had to find our house. 
Talk about feeling small.

There we are! 

We could see our cars, daddy's shop, the playground... and we knew it had to be summertime. 
My car and the boat were missing.  (I think our boat was too small to see from space... hint hint, husband)

 God of all Creation Prayer
 God of all Creation: You have cared for the earth, and have filled it with your riches. Abundance flows in your steppes, through the pastures and wilderness. You provide for our land, softening it with showers, bathing it in light, and blessing it with growth.

The hills sing with joy; the meadows are covered with flocks; the fields deck themselves with wheat; and together they glorify your name!

On this occasion of our Thanksgiving, we as a nation take rest from our labors to consider your many blessings. We thank you for our freedoms, and for the opportunity to contribute our skills, our attributes and our values toward the good of society.

We thank you for the mixture of our cultures, blending us into one people under God. Help us to be a light unto other nations, and to further the cause of freedom and justice all over the world.

We remember those who are less fortunate than we. We lift up in prayer the victims of poverty and racism, and all those who suffer from forms of political and economic oppression. Let the word that goes forth from our mouths speak of your peace, and let us proclaim our hope in Christ as Savior of all humankind.

We pray that you will bless all those who gather here, as we have come to experience your presence among us. Give us your guidance, O God, and empower us for your work. For we claim nothing for ourselves, but return all honor and glory unto you, and offer our thanks and praise. Amen.

God of all Creation Prayer

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