Lately... in Instagram
(have I told you I'm hooked?)

 Charlie sneaks his way into an afternoon run. 
Why I never take him? 
Because he stresses me out. around moving cars.
When it comes to traffic... he is dangerously oblivious.
But, so darn cute

(left to right)
The blooming Bradford Pears on our road
A doughnut delivery for my dad's birthday (I wasn't the least tempted)
Chicken night at church
Bennett swore he had bronchitis... and he did
Baby Evie is a thumb sucker
$100 in gas... did not fill up my car. O.U.C.H.
My last half mile stretch... where I do most of my instagram-ing
New sneaks {I heart you}
This 7am sight another reason to be happy you're alive

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Love the horses in the field!
I am so ready to move back to the country....

Erin said...

LOVE a thumb sucker...
running shoes...
and unfortunately...doughnuts.

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