My 'lately' according to iPhone pictures

1. Restriction is lifted, all prisoners are now free to make calls
2. Cute little bathroom stalls 
3. Anna Katherine's beautiful elephant art work
4. My best helper
5. Honey + church = a girl fight (for a seat on the lap)
6. Our pediatrician's retirement hits us... hard. As in a two hour wait to see another doctor hard.
7. Charlie loves a sleeping bag. A big no-no. I hate my things to smell like dog. Even though Charlie doesn't really smell like dog, one day he could 
8. We learn the very hard way... as in two trips hard way, that furniture from IKEA just might have a Box 1 and a Box 2
9. Have I mentioned our multiple toed, special needs cat is pregnant? Wiener cats maybe?
10. Laziness? Maybe. My iPod was accidentally erased. Instead of taking the time to figure out how to re-sync the thing,  I just bought five new songs.  For over a month, I have been running (one hour) to the same five songs. I  hate these songs.
11. Jeff is in the zone. OCD zone. Searching relentlessly for Wagoneer parts.
12.  McDonald's oatmeal receives my stamp of approval! Tastes good, 300 calories and gluten free!

Jo said...

Life ...

You have such a great way of sharing it with us!

Have a great weekend ~

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