are you trying to drive me crazy?

Spring break has arrived

I know this because my house sounds like a pack of wild hungry animals are on the loose. Music to my ears... music to my ears... that's what I keep reminding myself. Sadly I'm not buying it. 

Three hours into spring break and I've already had a mommy meltdown. 
The two year old, lay down, kick and scream tantrum kind.
(a slight exaggeration. but only slight)

I allow myself one luxury. One selfish indulgence. I am frugal. I paint my own nails, my mom does my hair, I exercise on the road - not in a gym,  we drink water in restaurants, I even grate my own cheese for goodness sake.  But I am going to have a cleaning lady. One a week, sometimes twice... whatever it takes.  She is my manicure, pedicure, diet coke and gym membership all wrapped in one.

You would never know it, but she came yesterday.  Cleaned for 6 hours. My kids were home alone today... for three hours. T.h.r.e.e. hours.  I called on my way home, "Have you made a mess? I will be home in 30 minutes. I hope you haven't made a mess. No dishes in the sink right?"

I walked into a disaster. 
This picture does not do my kitchen justice. 
I spared the gory details.

 In three hours, my three kids (and friends)  made fruit smoothies, macaroni and cheese, and homemade waffles.  Not for lunch, just for fun. They ignored my plea.  I'm not a yeller or a screamer. I feel my calm voice can have a larger scarier kind of impact.  Well, not today. This mother lost it. LOST IT I tell you!  I yelled. 

Clean up your mess! PUT YOUR DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER!  I'M NOT YOUR MAID"  lots of things along those lines. 

My head was spinning with direct defiance. Then I looked in the dishwasher. and yelled some more. The dishes that had managed to crawl their way into the dishwasher, were piled and caked with dried food. Convinced, this was a conspiracy to drive me insane. I yelled and slammed a bowl in the dishwasher. (it cracked) Are you trying to drive me crazy? I unloaded the dirty dishes and they hand washed scrubbed them all.  All while looking like a deer in headlights... their mother was unraveling before their eyes.  Less than 24 hours and  there was not a trace of my manicure, pedicure or gym membership.

Then my son... the one who hates having his hair cut, (we're convinced his hairs have nerve endings) was  sent for a fresh Easter hair cut.  This was my text an hour before the buzz, "I left a check in my office. Make sure you get it cut short around your ears."  Short it was.  Just look what my sweet angel did.... maybe out of spite, because he thought it was hilarious.

"What were you thinking? We are a family of large headed people! We need hair. Oh well, less time brushing will leave you more time to put your dishes in the dishwasher! Oh and for spring break, you can wear your hat in doors."
One more whine... My darn Hemingway cat, a.k.a. mean girl, the one we have been pampering for weeks? All because she was pregnant and we are drooling for some baby Hemmingways. She had her kittens. We were jumping and clapping with excitement.

Until we realized she had hidden them.  So good, that for three days we still have no clue. We've been tromping through the woods, taking boards off the playhouse floor, contacting neighbors. No luck.  I think she's a mean girl.

AAAhhhh.... thank you for letting me whine. I feel so much better ;) I'm going to bed... Saying a little prayer that this spring break will not include a straight jacket or a pile of broken dishes

Auralee said...

I feel ya! Don't you want to pull your hair out sometimes? Haha! Today Christopher pushed all my buttons and I sent him off to my parents for the next two days but as soon as I dropped him off, I was boo-hooing the entire way home. I'm sure I'll pick him up tomorrow but Jay says I need to sleep on it.

Suzie Thomas said...

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jen said...

Too funny! I feel your pain. It's not always easy being the mom is it! Love your pictures from your last post. How cute! Happy Easter!

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