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Spring break is only days away... whoohoo!  Before enjoying the ocean air,  I'm enjoying my busy spring season. Kids in their Easter finest is a weakness. Makes me want every smocked dress and john john I see... and a little one to wear them.

This week is going to be all about the work. Leaving unfinished work stresses me out. So, for the last 48 hours, there's been no blog reading, writing, cooking, cleaning or anything else that can't be done while sitting in front of a computer.  I've been in the editing zone,  putting my computer to the ultimate test. Simultaneously running four hard drives, uploading, downloading, exporting, importing, and burning thousands of images from the past few days. Steve Jobs, you're the man.  So far so good... no computer smoke or funky sounds! 

 Saturday kicked off the first of my bunny sessions.
I can't imagine a better kick off than with my friend Tara.
Remember, she is my friend who brought me the GF kale salad and pie... eye rolling delish! 
It was a great day... good lunch, GREAT conversation and a bundle of her friends and their cute kids.

Seriously, some of the cutest kids ever!

I always take a helper when it's a full day and I knowing I must rotate the rabbits.  A bunny tamer. Anna Katherine is a PRO. She knows exactly what I want. But, last Saturday was The Carolina Cup and there was no trading free tickets to the Lexus tent for rabbit handling.  So Mary Claire it was. My (paid) bunny tamer.  I was a tiny bit hesitant, she's 8, old enough.  But girl has a bond with our animals unlike any other.  These bunnies are her pets.

It started out great. 
But as the kids got younger, she became selfish. 
But still a good little helper. 
Until a child manhandled her bunny.
Which is SO common and I promise it is not as bad as it looks.
She would give a HUGE gasp.
A gasp so loud, it startled the kids and the parents.
She all but refused to let small children hold her pets. 
I had to relieve her of her duties.
When it was showtime for the bunnies... thank goodness Tara helped.

Funny... she can strap cats into baby strollers, ride them in bicycle baskets and put a full face of make up on the dog...
But girlfriend comes undone if anyone looks at her pets cross.
Anna Katherine just got a bunny taming raise.

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