We we're hooked  ;)

from sun up. to sun down
the girls were having a blast, crabbing, catching, naming.
and throwing back.

a net full of wonder!

caught this beautiful guy.
dumped him out to photograph.

threw him in the low tide, quicksand like mud.
where he got stuck.
it was a pitiful sight.
life saving team moves in.
for an thirty minutes, everyone tried.

until mr. crab was safe and sound.
only to be caught a few more times.

all of our seafood was eaten here.

Brantley said...

The pictures of the crabs on the dock look like artwork!!

Jo said...

We love crabbing here in CT {when it's warm enough!} followed by a trip to our local seafood stand! I know it's sad, but I just can't bring myself to eat the catch :)

Your photos are beautiful!!


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