crazy cat lady... by 50?

 i've pretty much mastered the crazy part.
and with seven cats, i'm inching my way to the cat lady title. 
crazy cat lady... by 50?
highly possible.

they're just so darn cute! 

 momma cat is fiercely protective.
watching her maternal instincts tugs at my heart strings.
the lengths a mother will go to  in order to protect our babies.

momma cat's keen eye makes it hard to get a decent picture.
bringing them outside for five minutes drove her nuts.
they're living arrangements are in an old suitcase in my studio bathroom. 

 no names... 
we plan to keep one and give the others away.
so far, my babysitter wants two
and my niece is on her head for one.
any takers :) ?

Tara said...

I want one so bad I can't stand it...but if you read what I posted on Facebook, Arch has even convinced the 3 year old...who I can usually sway pretty easily to agree with me...that we have enough cats. I on the other hand believe there is no such thing! I welcome the title of Crazy Cat Lady!

Cheryl said...

You may be the cat lady, but I am slowly becoming the dog lady... three with another coming home from Colorado next week. I don't know how long the stay will be, but depending on how things go, some days Henry might be easier than Graham! Ahhh!
Those kittens are beyond adorable. Unfortunately, I am deathly allergic!
Have fun. I won't report you, if you don't report me!

Wynn said...

How many are polydactyl? They are so beautiful and I love that Jilly is such a great mom!

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