what's up buttercup

mary claire called me at 7:00 sunday morning to tell me she had potty trained one of the kittens...
the gray one was using the litter box thanks to her  :)
my mom called to tell me my house was a mess. and she was sending food.
anna katherine called to tell me she needed x-y-and-z.
the daddy called because i think he really does miss me.
bennett never called... a little guilt trip headed his way.
i called the cleaning lady.
mary claire called me 9 more times to tattle on all the above.

YES, i am missing my guys something awful! 
three more days. even though i'm loving swimming in the sea of photography.
 i'll be ready when it's time to head back to south carolina.

here's a little peek at what i've been up to other than eating my weight in peanut m&m's... 

(we struggled with the hair in the face thing, until we all finally gave up)

Cheryl said...

Love the commentary from home.
You must be having such fun! I can't imagine taking photos in those surroundings!!!

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