workshop take one

i'm feeling pretty blessed to be spending a week in this beautiful place. 
soaking in the world of photography.
{insert a long sigh of happiness}

 in addition to a fairytale location, 
we have a steady stream of adorable models
these beauties are the cherry on top of my nikon sundae.

but behind the scenes is where the action is.
hysterical fun!
this afternoon was self portrait time.
by the best of the best.
how lucky are we? 

we learned how to turn simple things into brilliant outdoor backgrounds. 

a funny moment came when it was my turn.
feeling 40 
wrinkles, random gray hairs and a crooked smile.
the instructor sweetly warned me,
"Just want to let you know... you have a  lopsided smile."

without missing a beat, 
 in the saddest face i could muster. 
i told her i had recently suffered  a mini stroke.

holding in my laugh
just kidding!
oh the look on everyone's face.
especially the instructors...

Marlowe said...

Oh how fun to get to attend such a workshop! One day :)

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