art show

it's here, the second busiest school month of the year. december holding first place. field trips, programs, the oh so dreaded final exams. our calendar is overflowing. monday started with a field trip ~ then an art show ~ then a middle school meeting. 

~ the art show was a wow ~ 
the walls and tables were overflowing.
shame on me for forgetting my camera.
even though my pictures are a little fuzzy, i was once again thankful for that iPhone.
i remember touring our school for the very first time and being blown away by all the incredible art work. 

their classrooms make me smile
Anna Katherine's Art Room
Bennett's Art Room
Mary Claire's Art Room
 guess which one is anna katherine's?
i spy charlie

and the food! 
happy i didn't put my name on that tray of plain brownies
bennett is in ap art
holy cow!

i left raving to my kids! incredible, just incredible.
i especially loved anna katherine's photographer fish..
i have a special place for this guy.

but the piece all the kids were snickering about. created by a preschooler.
"the swan across from the water fountain"

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