family night?

what do you do for family night?
in the south, respectable families cut down trees and shoot things :)
exaggerating  of course... 

i love 'that' time of the year, because these were taken weeks ago... right when winter ends and hints of spring are in the air. except this year, winter in our parts never really started, so the transition was mainly in the leaves, not so much the temperature. we love eating dinner outside. no matter the night, it's a guaranteed, big chunk of family time. bennett being the sweet big brother he always sometimes is, decided to teach his sister how to shoot a gun.  

 (mom and dad were present at all times)
 have i mentioned my boy is an amazing... and i do mean an amazing shot?
yep. when he shoots his way, he hits 90% to 100% on the skeet range.  pretty awesome :)
 he was a patient teacher.

 his sister was a proud peacock. 
 i love having country right outside by backdoor... these lush green woods in the summertime are my fav!
 we were enjoying the show. then daddy saw a dead tree.
i knew from minute one... power tools and a challenge...
he would not be able to resist.

 {to be continued}
a millions pictures means my pages take forever to load 

The 1st of May said...

I love this! What wonderful memories!!! This...along with all the kitten and bunny adventures...make me want to pack up and move to the country!

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