mother's day

 i hope everyone had  a wonderful day 

celebrating mothers!

mine was special ordered with a side of great.

an awesome church sermon - my own mother - my 
family - handmade gifts that are my fav 
- a basil garden - 
and a few other thoughtful gifts that brought tear to my eyes. 

i love being a mother.
and i am eternally thankful for my own mother.

after church, it was off to the smoak's lake house for a relaxing afternoon (and evening). they truly are sensational hosts.  

a couple times... as the moms were chasing kids, clearing dishes, fixing food....
we would glance outside, and swear it the men thought it was father's day.

Cheryl said...

Imagine, mothers actually thinking it was Mother's Day?? hahaha Wonderful post! I have been on and off the internet.. I have missed so many of your lovely posts. It was wonderful catching up.

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