hog fish

 so we're always asking the locals for suggestions on restaurants. the hog fish grill in key west was suggested over and over.  jeff and i made it a date night. we plugged the address into our gps which led us through a sketch part of town. the key west i'm sure tourists aren't supposed to see. the entire time wondering how in the world this route could lead us to this talked about restaurant. here's a picture a lady fisherman or fisherwoman took next to the grill. un-cropped to give you an idea of the setting.

the restaurant lived up to all the hype. it was amazing!! specializing in hogfish, like the name :)  when jeff's hogfish was served with the head intact, he couldn't resist using the fish's mouth (which is full of teeth) to recite the entire jim gaffigan skit. it's worth a couple minutes, because it is hysterical! and yes... i only like fish when it doesn't taste fishy. and hogfish just became my fish of choice! 

a mouth full of teeth!
mine was grilled on tacos, minus the teeth.

The 1st of May said...

YUM! We ate there when we went a couple years ago. REALLY good! We also liked Michaels (Light Side Menu Sun-Thurs before 7:30, smaller portions and smaller prices!). We also went to a really good local cuban restaurant called El Siboney...Not much atmosphere, but good cajun food.

Should have sent these to you sooner! Thinking about yummy Hogfish brought memories rushing back! :)

Also, of course we watched a sunset every night and our favorite was out at Fort Zachary State Park.

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