just for the record, and to stop the threatening phone calls and texts... 
my friend kelly, has not read that book. honestly. she hasn't. and i would tell you if she had. really i would.
our discussion was about the popularity and media coverage  of this book and the effects it could have on teenage children. honestly

maybe baddcock wouldn't have been so funny if she knew what she was decorating.

ginny springs 2011
and for this bad, no make up wearing picture. 
it's the only picture i could find when given 'five minutes until i drive to camden to kill you.'

honestly... cross my heart... she has not read this book. yet ;) 
Clare said...

I have read the books and will tell you that they are not in any way manner or form appropriate for teenagers. And it's more than jut the smut, it's that it is complete fantasy. For any teenager to read it thinking that it in any way is realistic is scary to me. They are not literature in any way. They are for fun. There are many people who shouldn't read them because they are over the top and will make some uncomfortable.

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