kelly and baddcock

 if you know her... need i say more? seriously one of the funniest, most down to earth, outrageous gals on planet earth. we have been friends for what seems like forever... as in 13+ years forever. we lived in the same small town, the one she grew up in, until a few years ago... then she up and moved to florida. even as a grown up, when your best buddy moves a couple states away it's heartbreaking. we keep in touch constantly, visit frequently and our kids still miss each other like crazy. we look forward to our summer plans and this year they involve the florida keys... woo-hoo!

anyway... kelly's wheels are always spinning. she is insanely creative and she loves practical jokes. from gorilla suits, rubber snakes, reporting me to the little people of america, and some i still have to keep under wraps... she loves a good joke. and she loves messing with me.  loves telling her florida friends all about my turkey legs and chicken collecting. for the record, i do not collect chickens. i do like them. i would love have a chicken coop like this in my backyard. but i do not decorate with chickens. or roosters, or hens, or ducks... like kelly shouts to the world. over the years she has collected chickens for me. sending me plates, salt shakers, candles... the list goes on. 

christmas 2011, she gave me the most unique gift to date. 
 a membership to 
the chicken of the month club

this was my first chicken. 
as crazy as it sounds (and looks) i can't bring myself to throw this gem away. 
it has a proud spot on my desk.
so yesterday my doorbell rings. it's the ups guy. they deliver to us almost daily and this delivery guy was new. he had a package that needed a signature... unusual, because we rarely have to sign for packages. low and behold... it was from my club.
another chicken arrived. 
as i am signing for the package. my ups guy asks, 'do you mind me asking what 'a chicken of the month is.' after shouting inside i told the ups guy all about my friend and insisted he look inside with me. i knew it would be funny.
... oh, how cute. a bedazzled chicken.
jeff takes a closer look... 'that's a chicken in bondage.'
for real, sure enough...
it was a quilted chicken straight from the kitchen of christen gray himself.

the ups guy didn't think it was all that funny.
i thought it was hysterical.

a few weeks ago we had a conversation about that book. the one making headlines and how dangerous to children a book like that could be. 
the chicken was per our conversation.
jeff and i laughed until i cried. 
the detail was so ocd kelly. 
i'm guessing someone read shades of gray!
 'baddcock' was his name.
 he wore a lace blind fold, handcuffs in his wing, had a mini copy of the book, plus a leather crop.... let's just say, lots of detail. 
(some accessories could not be photographed)

kelly. you are insane! 
but i appreciate you making my chicken a family activity, i heard robbie helped. and i appreciate you sacrificing a pair of shoes for the chicken's leather wear. 

Anonymous said...

How come I'm the ONLY woman in America who hasn't actually read THE BOOK and I get thrown under the dirty-bus? Besides, the contract clearly states that the chickens come from the club president- Henry Henderson. It were not I.

Carolyn McGaha said...

Hysterical!!! All women should have a friend like this.

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