two compliments and a shout out

it was a proud parenting day. oh how i love it when those days roll around, especially when it involves one of my two teenagers. one compliment and a mission work shout out... in one day. 

while on vacation, bennett has been given the opportunity to cross off  a biggie on his bucket list. when we leave he will be a 'certified  diver.'. it's been pretty exciting watching him earn his certification in the florida keys.  in south carolina practice dives take place in ponds and lakes. here, many of his five 'practice' dives will be on a coral reef.  plus the weather has been overcast with a little rain here and there.... leaving him the only student in his dive class. private instruction at the group rate - sweet!  his instructor is a bubbly little lady, so sweet and continues to be blown away by his southern manners.... yes mam and no mam, please and thank you...  to everything. she raves he is a quick learner. she even used bennett to teach an instructor's class. 

well today... she gave us the best compliment, i feel, a parent could receive...  "bennett, tell your parents they are doing a great job."  

{insert jeff and i with a teary eyed, deer in the headlight look} wow... not feeling that many days while parenting teenagers.

about an hour later... a text from one of his friends. details i must keep to myself. basically saying, he is a sweet gentleman. dang... why is he hiding all of this from his sisters!? 

 later  that day, i received a text from my friend morgan back in south carolina. bennett made the front page of  the baptist courier

can you spot a photographer's child...  
smiling so perfectly for the camera?
top left... back row.
yeah, that's my boy!

then i spotted my child in the picture above...
upper left. 
making a face that would make any momma proud.

The 1st of May said...

SO wonderful!!! All of your hard work is paying off!!!

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