swimming with the manatee

we are loving... and i mean loving our first keys trip with my bff kelly.
she's wild. crazy. adventurous. 
fearless of everything except bees. 
wild. crazy.
more fun than i can put into words. 
this morning anna katherine spotted a manatee outside our house.
she shouts... 'manatee'
kelly jumps out of the bed... sprints to the water...
and jumps in! 
in her pajamas.

the kids couldn't resist.
they had to join her.

 we were sad to see his scares from boat injuries.
he entertained us for about an hour.
 these creatures are so gentle and absolutely adorable!

this will go down as  one of the coolest life experiences.

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Heidi, this is so amazing!!! In Tampa, there is a huge viewing center at Tampa Electric Plant. When the water temperature dips in the winter, the manatees flock to the plant because the machinery warms the water back up! It has become quite an attraction here. Manatees are fascinating...so gentle! I would love to be in the water with you guys instead of at work this morning!

Auralee said...

that's super duper cool! glad you all got to experience that and glad you were there to photograph it.

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