camp honey, take one

first day of camp honey and everyone survivied. completely exhausted, happy and cousinly love is still in the air!  my sister and i agreed, last year our trip felt very commercial. our frequent trips to the outlets, dinner shows and miniature golf left little room for taking in the mountain beauty. any how, our goal this year was to 'be one with nature'... ok, huge exaggeration! but we promised to make more of an effort to enjoy nature-like activities. first up: soaking in the state parks and all of their awesomeness.

stop one was cades cove and some planned horse back riding... love-love this state park by the way. the beauty is breathtaking. you can seriously 'count' the deer. we choose cade's cove riding stables, it was a tad on the pricey side for an hour ride, but the kiddos loved it!

honey, bennett and two little enjoyed a carriage ride.
bennett looked so sweet holding  baby evie... until flashes from the show teen mom flew through my mind... then it wasn't quite as endearing ;)

as always, i am the main 'picture taker.' my mom did grab the camera a snap two of me saddling up.
seriously mom? this was the best you could get? 
then again, i think you were holding a couple kids while juggling the camera.
but this is my good side ;)  the side minus the wrinkles!

and we were off... up the mountain, in search of a waterfall.
all of the horses were so chiiled out! except liza's and mine. liza's horse, toby was spunky, let's run up the side of a mounytain! mine had a  major horse-attitude. he ate his way through the entire ride and did his own thing. winning me some shouts from the tour guide!

the timing was perfect! we met up with the carriage at the very end.

baby evie, even a smiley sweet baby when she sleeps!

what's on the agenda for today? half of the group are off to an amusement park... commercial fun overload ;) but it is situated in the mountains. the other half is visiting family in knoxville. fun, fun, fun!
Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

How fun! I literally laughed out loud at the visions of Teen Mom comment hahaha I think Bennett is far removed from the guys that end up on that show :)

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