i interrupt my camp honey posts to bring you one from our florida vacation... my favorite place on earth, i must add... for the millionth time ;) jeff called today, charlie our miniature dachshund is feeling under the weather.  he hasn't been himself for over a week. slight panic quickly runs through our family because we are so in love with this dog. he's off to the vet today.

this year we packed up our pooch and included him in our vacation. he did the 16 hour drive thing ok.  i now understand the many 'pet friendly' signs along the interstate.

last year every time we spotted an iguana, we thought of our lizard loving charlie.
what would he do? seeing a lizard that big? well, he went nuts!
my family will say he likes the boat.
 i think he just likes to be with his family regardless where we are.

 he was ok with cruising speed. 
but jeff was playing with his new toy and preferred planing the boat and pushing the speed limits.  
 fast rides would bring on sea sickness.
when he got scared or queasy... he wanted me and only me. ahhh <3 

and the crabs.
we aren't in kansas sc anymore. 
there's a big difference between blue crabs and stone crabs.
stone crabs can take off fingers... or a puppy dog nose. 
he spotted this guy under a fish cleaning table and tormented him all week. 
love the lip licking in this shot!

guess who eventually won?
the crab.
he is a weenie dog :)
he also loved the exploring.
we would float him to the islands where he would reek havoc on the wild life.

hope our little guy feels better soon.

check out this awesome recipe for dog ice cream at classic with a pop
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