moving and pulling teeth

this weekend, my sister and her family are moving!
to the cutest house!
 the blur in the top left...that's  steam from this greenhouse like weather!
anna katherine fell in love with baby evie's room.
 honey is in town.
she can and will out work everyone!

jeff kept disappearing to play with this  little guy.
i am unable to mention baby roger without saying how adorable he is!
today he jumped on jeff's back and said, "i love you uncle bennett." 
he gets their names confused ... which is also so cute :)
i laughed at these two pictures...
looks like someone's getting knocked out  :)
my poor boy is recovering from having his wisdom teeth removed.
jeff and i both clearly remember how wicked that felt.
i remember my mom using the blender to mix pork chops, peas and mashed potatoes. after a couple days minus food, it was out of this world.
so we've been doing some major pampering. 
the oral surgeon (who had the worst bedside manner i have ever encountered) warned us the pain would peek at the 48 hour mark. he was correct.
this family is so excited over the olympics!
{especially the swimming}
i am hoping a little michael phelps will get my kids excited for school swim practice...
 which begins monday!
The 1st of May said...

What a BEAUTIFUL house! Love the paint colors and all of the natural light!!!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful home! How lovely to have family to help!
Ugh wisdom teeth! As a Dental Hygienist, please tell him that what he is feeling now, is nothing compared to what he could if he didn't have them out, and then had complications! Truly!!!!

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