my saturdays

from may until august, with the exception of three weekends
every saturday  looks like this.
and oh how i love what i do!

i get the wedding jitters every saturday.
 it's a healthy respect for the honor i have been given. 
this year has been jam packed full of sweet, low key, beautiful brides.
not a single bride-zilla.
in fact in all my years, i've only had one bride-zilla and that was many-many years ago.
i really need to tell that story ;)
 i have a small army of helpers i call upon.
i'm wound really tight wedding days, i have high expectations and beg forgiveness  in advance for barking orders. 
the best helper to come is my middle child. 
she will someday be a phenomenal photographer, i can see it.

so this morning... well afternoon. 
i am chilling with my coffee, reviewing the wedding list, making muffins, charging batteries
and preparing for a long night.
but oh how i really love every single minute!!

Tara said...

I love the pictures on Main Street with the Capital in the background...almost makes me want to free my wedding dress from it's preservation box and go have my picture taken...maybe for my 10 year wedding anniversary!

Cheryl said...

I can not begin to imagine the jitters you must feel. You are such an amazing photographer, and I am sure your brides and their loved ones feel the grace you bring with you.

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