not that cheesy

dollywood here we come! i used to give this theme park a lot of grief... i think it's the name or maybe the cheesy billboards. that all came to an end after the first time i visited. as i mentioned last year, this is just the coolest park. in the clean and friendly department, it rivals disney world. the park is situated 'in' the mountains and the huge trees create a glorious ambiance.  plus i love the rustic/retro/country feel throughout.

this was the first year we made it through the entire park. we discovered so many new things. like this water ride... it warns; "you will get wet." we got soaked. 
the picture above was taken after our soaking.
my big kids had a blast... blasting us with water guns from the sides.

baby evie was and is the dream baby. i never thought a baby this chilled out, content, easy to please and perfect in every way could be a blood relative. the other 6 grandchildren (as babies) were on the run and pretty high maintenance.  
after a week with this baby, i know without a doubt she is perfect.
and the perfect helper award goes to...
my sweet anna katherine. 
she is the apple of her cousins eye and an awesome babysitter!
worth her weight in gold... if she could only be just as sweet to her sister.

it was SO much fun having a two year old at a theme park.
his pure excitement was intoxicating!
bennett adores this child (as do we all)  when he was helping him on the rides i would shout across the gate, "smile roger. smile. smile for honey, smile for your daddy." then i would catch myself... my son holding him and shout again, "smile for your daddy. but this is your cousin for anyone who is listening. this is not the baby daddy." i've only watvhed teen moms twice and i'm scared.

bennett is not a fan of theme park rides. he deems them unsafe. all of them. jimmy neutron is convinced the risk of human error is too great.  but he did agree to the bumper cars.

the weather was h.o.t.

we are pretty exhausted... but having a great time!

Erin said...

Oh my goodness. That baby so wide-eyed sipping on that cup just made me want to reach out and kiss that sweet face.

I still don't get how you can photograph everything so well.

Every time I see your pictures I remind myself I've got to call you soon.

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