diving the quarry

post two from our day at philadelphia quarry. when we ask our kids, "what was your favorite activity in the mountains?" unanimously it was this day. the minute we stepped foot in tennessee, bennett began searching the internet for places to dive. my boy can have a serious one track mind and being newly certified, diving is 'almost' all he thinks about these days. never in a million years did i think he would find a place to dive in the appalachian mountains... who knew? never underestimate jimmy neutron!

bennett had called and made all the arrangements, by himself, the day before.
we had an address, my mom had spoken to the dive people and we had a 200lb picnic...
were set.

little did i know the dive shop was in someone's back yard!
this is it... store front.
the thought of diving un-nerves me. 
my son diving really, really un-nerves me.
this lone dive shop almost sent me over the edge!
 no one was home. it is completely, 100% the honor system. 
 simply slip your money in a slot. 
sign a release, slip it into the slot and pick up your stuff.
 lastly, you need to find the hidden code that opens the cow gate.
oh... my... goodness... i am going to faint.
i really admire these trusting business owners, i'm not judging their system.
it's just 'my first time' watching my child do something that absolutely terrifies me
to the point i would rather be a poisonous snake handler than try this!
 so in a nutshell i was a bag of nerves.

getting ready is half of the adventure... because it takes forever.
bennett is a very cautious kid, i have always known this. i was finally calming down.
he was so excited and this was his big day.

 i know absolutely nothing about scuba anything... except two things.
1) it is very dangerous
2) the correct terminology for the things on your feet would be fins and not "flippers." 
calling them flippers is so not cool! 

at first roger thought bennett looked pretty cool...
until the monster spoke to him...

i sent this picture to tervis

and it was a great day.
bennett explored the waters, found the sunken treasures.
 the nice dive friends delivered another tank of air. 
he even gave the littles a quick lesson in breathing underwater.

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Wow! How cool is that? The water is beautiful!
I would have been a nervous nelly, just like you! My son goes kayaking on the Ashley River a couple times a week and I can't wait to get the text from him that says they are off the river! I would flip out if he went scuba diving!

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