august heat

tuesday night was such a treat.
 jeff's talent agent (roger smoak) always hooks him up with the wildest gigs in town ;)
if elvis were alive, mr. smoak would be on his payroll. 
he lined jeff up to sing for the 'young at heart' group at our church. 
it is a group for members over 60 (i think)
and the ladies... well, many of them adore my husband.

we were surprised to see posters pinned all over our church. 
 titled: august heat
he caught lots of grief.
plus he was listed as a comedian. 
he is pretty hilarious, but not so much on que. 
the pressure to be funny was on.

a little lady from the group called me late monday night. it was so sweet. and melissa, you know her ;) she had a request. i didn't stop smiling until we hung up.

 i wanted to make sure that jeff  sings plenty of elvis. last time he only sang two elvis songs. and we want more. i've called all my group and told them not to miss this one. it would be the best all year. so please tell him to sing plenty of elvis. because when he sings, we are going to close our eyes and think elvis is in the room. "

so he sang a heap of elvis... and i have to admit, he sounded like velvet. 
of course i am partial, but his voice is delicious!

his fan club was out of control... but the sweetest little ladies.
his head was almost too big to fit through the fellowship door.
just as we were leaving one of my favorite ladies (cough--paulette--cough) yelled from her little rascal:

"heidi graves, you sure are one lucky woman to have a man like that to love you all night long"

i have to agree.
but you could have counted the shades of red my face turned.

august heat is now pinned on my office bulletin board.
cause, yeah... i think he's pretty dreamy!

Tara said...

If Jeff decides he wants to start playing the wedding circuit I know a very talented wedding photographer I could set him up with!

marlowe said...

That is too cute and too funny, Heidi :)

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