bradley cooper

as i was working today, it hit me... i never shared my story about the time i met bradley cooper.  people magazine voted him hottest man of 2012... 

it was our last night in the keys. our plan was to load the boat and enjoy a nice dinner out.  anna katherine would watch mary claire. jeff would drive to the landing. bennett and i would meet him there with the boat. easy enough! 

note: depth finders are critical in the florida keys, surrounded by a coral reef the water levels can quickly go from 5 feet to 10 inches. you must learn how to follow the channel markers. tricky, tricky. after two weeks of watching my husband follow them flawlessly, bennett and i felt very confident we could drive the two miles to the landing.

 when it was time to leave i waited and waited and waited and waited... on bennett. 
finally out of frustration, i pulled away in a huff.  
alone, without a phone.


i watched the depth finder and followed the markers. when i came to a 'intersection' about three quarters of a mile off shore, i said a little prayer. 
then i made a wrong turn. i went from seven feet to 8 inches. 

which means the boat stopped, came out of the water 
and  tilted on it's side. if i had any doubt i was in trouble, the horrific sound confirmed it.

i could see jeff, but barely.  a tiny spot on the top of the truck waving his arms... i had no idea what to do. other than swim and i wasn't doing that! plus i was in a dress, ready for dinner. i couldn't breath. i went into a full blown suffocating panic attack!
view from the landing

that's when bradley and (his parents) appeared in a beautiful navy sailboat... it wasn't really bradley cooper,  but he was a dead ringer! his twin! they pulled their boat as close as possible, bradley jumped out and swam... then walked to my boat.

 please take a moment, close your eyes and imagine this guy swimming (and walking) to your boat.
{insert movie music}

pinch me please.

he pushed my boat off the rocks, jumped in and delivered me to shore. when we pulled up, my poor-poor husband was a puddle of nerves. but when he saw the movie star driving the boat, he smiled and shook his head! 

 bradley cooper (and his family) were incredibly nice. they were in marathon from central florida for a shark fishing tournament.   jeff has shared this story many times. each time his version gets funnier and funnier. anna katherine hated she missed the trip!

but you know you're my bradley cooper ;)

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