camp honey {take 42}

 i use my laptop more than ever during the summer. i love almost everything about that sleek little guy. except using it for editing pictures. i use the track pad. my photoshop and my 'track finger'  are tired of being in the same room ;)  being back in front of my real computer editing pictures is amazing! it's now time to play catch up. first on the list... a little more from camp honey.

seriously, i should have made more of an effort to get a better group picture. last year at this same park, we were soaked to the bone from the rain. this year we just look soaked and air dried to the bone.

at the end of the week, you realize my sister is a super woman. 
who's bionic powers include not requiring sleep.
 when she says she was 'up all night', 
believe her! she was up all night!
girlfriend never sleeps.

 our group has outgrown one car. 
 the kids beg to ride with honey. so we let them :) 
girls hang from the sunroof and dangle body parts out of the window.
(only around a 3 mile loop at cades cove... going 2mph)

my sister and i were determined to pack this year full of activities that involved nature
we succeeded!

my mom is such a good sport, she will go along with pretty much anything...
except riding in the passenger seat while bennett is in the driver's seat :)

 our kiddos turned into junior rangers
talk about the best program ever
educational, creative, fun and free!
liza and i shared an inside joke about the game corn hole.
the primitive toy craft was a hit... except we couldn't get ours to work.

 a string and a wooden disc. ours was broken ;)
the girls treated honey to an evening at the spa... in the driveway.
liza braided her hair. sarah ann painted her nails. mary claire read her a bible story. 
while anna katherine and roger watched... 
and i complained... 
"this background is awful. couldn't we move somewhere a little prettier?"

bennett tries his hardest to avoid the camera. 
 evie is an angel straight from heaven! 
what will we ever do without a baby on this trip?

ask my sister for another one!

evie loves her anna katherine!

one thing they will remember forever... honey washing their hair in the sink.
and all the braids.
same time, same house . we already can't wait! 
i'm thankful for all the memories our children will cherish forever!

Jo said...

Looks like a blast! I want to go to camp next year :)


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