firs day

the kiddos survived (and loved their first day)
i was a puddle of tears all, not really.

i love these guys to pieces, i've loved our late mornings, later nights and all the summer adventures.

but it's been a long summer. 
my biological clock needs a reset. i'm craving a set schedule. 
(i will eat these words by october)
anyway, for the first time ever... i am happy school is back in session.
the month of august is almost as expensive as december. geez! 
my kids feel the need for new everything. 
not that we get new everything, but just the new necessities pile high and rival christmas morning!

one of my children pulled a little trickery on their daddy. it sounded something like this:
"daddy, can i have your debit card. i need to order my agenda for school."
hearing need and school,  hands over his card for a $30 lilly pulitzer agenda.
agendas are included in our tuition, so they are (kinda) free.
mom said she pulled a fast one, but dad said she doesn't ask for much.

this gal was ready for school.  
my poor guy woke up with a wisdom tooth infected. 
he ended his first day with a trip to the oral surgeon and a nice fat injection.
anna katherine was packed and ready weeks ago.
 she has one of my favorite teachers for homeroom. 
she will never believe this organized girl related to bennett graves... 
and yes they have the same father ;)
it was a great first day and i am anticipating (and praying hard) for a great year! 
i love our school.
 i love that  all my children are at the same place... k4 until 12th grade. 
 i love that it is small and bursting with school spirit.

i love prayer being in school. 
 i love that i feel our headmaster really, really cares about my children.

i'm praying hard... 
it's going to be a great year.

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